Welcome to W.I.S.E Earth Incorporated
Sustainability Is Our Bottom Line.


We are proud to bring you this fantastic line of effective, sustainable personal care products to meet the growing concern for safer products for ourselves and our planet.


These products contain organic ingredients, a mild non-ionic surfactant and the preservative of choice is the same one used in contact lens solution!

We are so confident about our ingredients list that we have even provided the link below to the Environmental Working Group site - click on their Skin Deep Cosmetic Safety Database to check our ingredients:



"Whenever you have truth it must be given with love, or the message and the messenger will be rejected" Mahatma Gandhi.



Our "Truth" product line is definitely an act of love for the Earth and those who live here. W.I.S.E. Earth Incorporated
In our continuing effort to make our Truth brand the utmost in environmentally friendly products and safety. Our retailers sell on a refill basis. Bring in your own bottle (make sure you have cleaned it so there are no nasty micro-organisms in there) and you only pay for the product!


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