Q. Do you sell directly to retail customers?

A. No, we only sell to retailers. Please visit our Where To Buy page if you are looking for a location to purchase our fantastic line of personal care products.

Q. I see you offer refills, is that something that a retailer could do as well with your program?

A. Yes, we recommend to our retailers that they carry the refill supplies. We have sourced a BPA-free, recyclable, HDPE bottle with convenient pump closure; which is available for purchase with no minimum quantity by our retail stores. Part of our efforts to make this line green is to provide the option to reuse the bottle and reduce the need to produce more. Please inquire by telephone or e-mail for details.

Q. What is the advantage to carrying your brands?

A. First, our ingredients are the most natural we could use with a fabulous side effect that the product provides outstanding results!(See Testimonial page). Second, our bottles are reusable either for refilling with additional product or for other uses. Third, we use an FSC-certified label, semi-gloss white face-stock with 25% post-consumer waste recycled content, environmentally-benign recycling-compatible permanent adhesive, on a brown unbleached liner.

We are so confident about our choice of ingredients that we encourage everyone to check them against the strict ingredients database of the Environmental Working Group at www.ewg.org .

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